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Study Materials.

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24/7 Tutors.

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Homework Solutions and Exams.

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About Course Hero

If you’re looking to get ahead in college or just need some extra help, Course Hero is for you. This online education site is dedicated to helping college students get the extra help that they need to excel in the courses in which they struggle. Using coupons from Giving Assistant, you can gain access to these resources at a discounted rate. Course Hero is an online service that provides study resources that you can use to gain a better understanding of various subject matter. By using this service, you gain access to practice tests, study documents, and flash cards. All of these are designed by experts in their field of study. You can even get help with your homework on Course Hero. It has tutors who are standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you with your college homework. These study experts don’t just answer the question for you. They teach you how to get the answer so that you can learn from the experience. Don’t let yourself fall behind in college. Get the help that you need at a price that you can afford by using the promo codes provided by Giving Assistant. No matter the course or subject, Course Hero has experts who can answer any questions that you have.

Course Hero Free Shipping Policy

Course Hero offers services that can be accessed online. There are no shipping fees associated with ordering these services.

Course Hero Return Policy

Course Hero guarantees quality help or your money back. To get a refund, you must not have used any of your tutor credits or unlocked any study documents.

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